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Wondersoft Retailer Mobile Apps for Consumers

Updated: Mar 27

Integrated POS Software

Integrated Mobile App enables retailers to get orders and serve customers using Wondersoft POS. Powered with seamless near real-time sync on Product, Price, inventory and Customer Orders to enable customers to make their purchases using Mobile devices.

Customers can make purchases by choosing the products and confirming their orders. Customers can also track their orders until delivery with relevant notifications sent through messenger using chatbots. Hassle-free end to end consumer journey is enabled without having a voice call, email or even a visit to the store or website.


Cloud based Retailer App for online retail with minimum efforts and affordable cost. Simple and Secure consumer App solution with below features.

  1. Multi language support

  2. Integrated with Billing software

  3. Payment Gateway – Picture

  4. Delivery App / hyperlocal delivery partner

  5. Push Notifications

  6. Smart Product search – Mobile Picture

  7. Inbuilt promotions configurations

  8. Custom delivery timings or Self pickup

  9. Multiple Tender acceptance options

  10. Order Dashboard for tracking and managing the orders

  11. Automated delivery management – Delivery agent, Areas, Slots etc.,

  12. Tailor made packages based on business volume

Business Benefits  

Retailer App brings in business growth with better customer reach and with below benefits.

  1. Take business online in a short span of time

  2. Personalization and convenience

  3. To increase the brand awareness and build a stronger brand

  4. Connect with your customers Fast and Easy

  5. Seamless customer reach

  6. Improves customer experience

  7. Reach Higher Customer Engagement Level

  8. Contactless consumer experience

  9. Operational efficiency – Single dashboard to manage orders

  10. No software installation and maintenance

  11. Product Catalog management made easy

  12. Order Tracking made easy and painless

Consumer Benefits

Modern consumers prioritize their convenience more than everything else. Our App makes it convenient with below advantages

  1. Easy download from Google Play Store

  2. Operate APP in your own language

  3. Convenience in tracking the order and statuses

  4. Seamless selections of products using smart search

  5. Webstore shopping experience using Mobile App

  6. Mutiple payment options to choose and pay

  7. Custom delivery timings or Self pickup

While the App meet the needs of any retailer, it is more popular among Pharmacy, Supermarkets segments.

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