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TRY & BUY - eShopaid feature

Updated: 2 days ago


TRY & BUY, the rising trend in today’s retail world, allows the customers to try or test the products before buying. The chances of customers buying high-end products are brighter if they are given an opportunity to try. Not every customer would be ready to pay heavy price until they are comfortable and convinced with the product.

By removing the purchase barriers to the customers, TRY & BUY , the eShopaid feature brings the retailers a step closer towards the sale. It not only helps the retailers in attracting new customers, but also in encouraging the existing customers to try new products.

eShopaid enables you to efficiently manage these products.


  1. Validate the customer contact through OTP verification

  2. Restrict the trial inventory, Our POS will not allow just trying ANY product

  3. Configure the amount that must be charged from the customer to try the product

  4. GST is exempted for all the products given on trial basis.

  5. This transaction is NOT considered as a sale.


  1. Trial period and other parameters work based on the configuration

  2. POS lets you reuse the trial inventory

  3. Avail the quality check during return – enable store verification OTP.

  4. If the customer wishes to buy the product, The trial amount could be adjusted in the sale transaction

  5. If the customer doesn’t want to buy the product, Refund amount can be made in any tender mode.

Other Features

  1. Restrict the same customers repeatedly trying the product.

  2. The POS will stop the user from billing the products that are marked for trial.

  3. Map the trial products to the product attribute like Product Serial Number.

  4. View the products that are currently in trial

  5. Name your trial program, Our POS can recognize it!!

It is also possible, that the trial product could be damaged. Our technical team is working on enhancing the refund functionality to assesses the damages and reduce the refund amount and charge the customer accordingly.

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