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eShopaid - Unified POS

Our product eShopaid for retail chains is a web application built on the latest technologies and device agnostic at the store front. It is a single application that addresses all the needs of the store, warehouses and the Head office too. It is backed by real-time data synchronization and guarantees robust data security. Mobile POS, data-driven insights, and seamless 3rd-party integrations, are some of the additional functionalities.

Deployment Models

eShopaid at the store front can be an entirely online cloud POS or with a thin offline POS

Online Cloud POS

All transactions across all stores are saved immediately on the central server and its 100% real time. The store operations are completely dependent on internet connectivity.


This is ideal for businesses with low or medium volumes of transactions and operate in locations with good internet connectivity.

Thin Offline POS

Consumer-facing functions like Billing, Offline Sales order, Inventory Check etc. work with a desktop or store server without dependence on connectivity and transactions are locally saved. If connectivity is available, the transactions are immediately synced to the server, without any delay. If connectivity is not available, it keeps checking for connectivity and once connected, the transaction is immediately synced to the server.

This is ideal for business with high volumes of transactions or operate in locations where internet connectivity is not consistently stable.


Entirely On the go: Empowering Your Business Success

Experience the ultimate flexibility with our software that seamlessly operates on a wide range of mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and Handheld Terminals (HHTs). Whether you're at your desk, on the go, or in the field, our solution ensures that you can access and manage your critical tasks and data from any device that suits your needs. Stay connected, productive, and in control, no matter where your business takes you.

Serving Businesses of All Sizes

Serving Businesses of All Sizes: From small startups to large corporate giants, our software is designed to meet the unique needs of every business, regardless of its scale.​


Retail Diversity

Whether you are a COCO store or a COFO business or a FOCO shop or a FOFO establishment, our software provides tailored solutions for all retail models.​


Point of Sales Data Security: Safeguarding Your Information with Wondersoft

  • Robust disaster recovery plans ensure uninterrupted data access during emergencies.

  • Data is fortified with advanced encryption, securing it both at rest and during transit.

  • Stringent access controls are implemented through an Authority matrix, granting data access only to authorized personnel.

  • The product features two-factor authentication and enforces the use of complex, secure passwords.

  • Communication with third-party systems is secured through channels like HTTPS and SFTP, ensuring data integrity.

  • Regular Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) guarantees ongoing security and robust Défense against threats.

  • At Wondersoft, Data security is not just a practice; it's our commitment to protect your customer information.

Versatile Wondersoft POS Solutions for Diverse Industries

At Wondersoft, we take pride in our versatile POS solutions designed to cater to a wide range of industries. We don't limit ourselves to a single sector; instead, our adaptable solutions excel across various verticals. Whether your business operates in apparel, healthcare, or any other industry, our offerings can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Our unwavering commitment to versatility and innovation ensures that businesses of all kinds can thrive. With eShopaid, you'll discover solutions that transcend industry boundaries and empower your success.

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Charath Narasimhan
CEO, Indian Terrain

I must say that, it's been a very good experience so far. we have simple requirements like, it should be easy to use, it should have lot of functionalities.


From cost perspective, functionality perspective, ease of operations, eShopaid is really a top class product.

Vijay Shanker
CEO, NewU, A Dabur Enterprise

Our technical team went through the entire product, and looked at its integration capabilities with our ERP at the backend.


We were looking at a robust promotion engine, which is demanded by our customers. The Wondersoft Team has been very very disciplined and professional in their approach.

  • Does your software support prescription management and compliance?
    Yes, our software includes prescription management features to ensure compliance and accurate dispensing.
  • Can I manage inventory and track expiry dates with your software?
    Yes, our software includes inventory management features, allowing you to track stocks in batches with expiry dates
  • How do you support customers?
    We offer comprehensive customer support, including phone, email, and chat support. We also provide detailed documentation and training resources to help you get the most out of our software.
  • Can the software be used in multiple locations?
    Yes, our point of sale software can be used in multiple locations, allowing you to manage your business from a central dashboard. You can also set up custom permissions and access levels for each location.
  • Can the software be used on mobile devices?
    Our point of sale software is designed to work on a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This allows you manage transactions on the go.

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