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About Wondersoft

Who we are

Wondersoft is a market leader, providing retail & distribution solutions over the past 25 years. We support over 15,000+
independent retailers and 400+ retail chains. Wondersoft is headquartered in Chennai, India, with Branch Offices in Trichy,
Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru & Dubai, UAE. We have global presence in 25 countries. Our software Solutions are sold and
supported through partners who provide onsite support.

We believe in making products and solutions that help business grow, that are user friendly to use and easy to learn. This
makes solutions getting adapted faster and easier. We incorporate latest technologies into our products, embed with rich
domain experience and lay out a clear roadmap on our investments. Our Web based solutions supported by Mobile apps & ERP
integrations help growing companies take full advantage of the investments made in our solutions.

The Wondersoft Journey: A Legacy of Innovation and Trust

In the bustling streets of Chennai, India, a revolution was brewing in the world of retail and distribution. Two decades ago, Wondersoft emerged as a beacon of innovation, driven by a single vision: to provide unparalleled retail solutions that would empower businesses across the globe.


From its humble beginnings, Wondersoft has grown exponentially, now supporting over 15,000+ independent retailers and 400+ retail chains. With a presence in 25 countries and branch offices spanning from Trichy to Dubai, the company's footprint is truly global. But it's not just about numbers. At the heart of Wondersoft lies a commitment to simplicity, trust, and passion.


Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Chidambaram, with his extensive knowledge of trading, finance, and money management, embarked on a software development journey in the early years of 1985. His vision materialized with the founding of Wondersoft in 1996. Under his leadership, and with the support of a dedicated team, including CEO Sabhari Shankar, CMOs G Krishnamurthy and Raj Reddy, CTO Subbu Rama Krishnan, Wondersoft has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in the retail sector.



Our purpose is to be the most preferred partner to retailers, delivering retail solutions that help them achieve sustainable growth & superior efficiency.


To add 500 new retail-chain brands to our customer base by 2025.

Wondersoft Evolution

Wondersoft History

Awards & Recognitions


Customer First

The ideology on which we build products is with a fundamental thought: “Customer is God”. Just not making innovative products and providing solutions to customers, we also believe in supporting customers through their journey of continuous growth.


We strive to provide simplified solutions to complex problems. This is a big task and most of our customers have reaped the benefits of these simplified solutions as part of the solution rollouts to them and their business needs.


Our journey of 25+ years is possible only because of the trust our customers have in us, in our people, in our software and in our dedicated support. We give utmost importance in our approach of not losing trust factor of our customers and we value this relationship.


Passion to build great solutions, passion to be part of customers growth, passion in building market trust, passion in providing simplified solutions, passion in putting customer first in the journey are our value drivers and fundamental to company’s principles.

Our Happy Clients

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