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Apparel Store Billing Software: Streamline Your Apparel & Fashion Store Operations!

  • Reduce stockouts and overstock, enjoy hassle-free returns and exchange management, and effortlessly integrate with multiple channels.

  • Elevate your business with Wondersoft's cloud-based apparel POS system and reach new heights.

Fast & Secure

User-Friendly Interface

Single & Multi-Store

Cloud & On-Prem

Flexible Integration

Robust and Reliable

Discover our Apparel POS Software now!

A Comprehensive Apparel Store Billing Software for Readymade Garment Store

The dynamic fashion industry demands an integrated solution to streamline all operations. Wondersoft's apparel POS software fits the bill perfectly, offering comprehensive features tailored for clothing retailers.

Returns and Exchanges

Process Returns and Exchanges easily with proper inventory adjustments.

Payment Method

Streamline payments in your clothing store with our apparel POS software, supporting credit cards and more.

Customer Feedback

Collect customer feedback and reviews for improved Customer experience.

Inventory Management

Seamlessly manage inventory and enhance customer experience across online stores with our clothing POS system.


Why Wondersoft Apparel  Store POS software?
Enhance Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency!

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Track Customer Preferences, Boost Sales

  • The Apparel Store POS software facilitates maintaining comprehensive customer profiles that include purchase history, preferences, and contact information. It tracks each customer's past purchases, including products, quantities, and transaction dates.

  • The software collects data from various touchpoints, including in-store transactions, online orders, and loyalty program interactions. Insights gained by analysing customer buying patterns helps offer personalized recommendations and offers to individual customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Streamline Alteration & Defectives Management

  • The Billing software for garment shops offers an defectives management system that works efficiently and eliminates the hassles of return management. Customer can be given a credit note right away, if returns are accepted and within the limits of the store team. If not, the defective goods are sent to the warehouse and on approval, the credit note is offered or the return rejected.Alterations of products can be managed effectively using the job card management feature, offering a configurable work-flow, capturing the measurements, specifications etc. Customers are sent an sms on receipt of garments, alerted when the alterations are done and are ready for pickup and a confirmation once they have been picked up by the customer.

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Manage Seasonal Returns with Ease

  • Our Apparel Store POS software automates returns management of apparels starting from the franchise store to the logistics team, throughout their life cycle.

  • The system handles returns by budget, by season, or by article. Using the file upload feature, multiple products are added for return in a single click. The friendly dashboard in the POS displays return status and return approvals. The logistics team receives notification of approved returns.

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Flexible Apparel Item Master

  • The Flexible Item Master feature of our POS for garment shops enables easy tracking and handling of apparel by multiple attributes such as size, colour, style, material, (matrix products) etc. It is possible to associated unlimited number of attributes with a product for better reporting and analysis.

  • Barcode generation is also very flexible – creation of barcodes for every stock keeping unit (at a product level), barcode for each lot of apparel received, barcode for each unit of apparel too.

  • For products like sarees, it is possible to provide vendor (coded), age etc in the barcode, using the configurable bar code creation and tracking module.

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Stock Reservations

  • At times, you don’t have inventory of all sizes of a specific style of a garment at a store. The software allows the user to view the availability of the specific size in the nearby store and reserve it for a customer. The customer can choose to visit the other store and pick it up or can pick it up from the same store later, after the software initiates a stock transfer based on the reservation done.

  • The store manager, of the store which has the inventory can choose to approve or disapprove the request for reservation. The reservation can be made with a part-payment or a full payment being done at the store. The feature ensures that every customer walks out of a store as a satisfied customer.

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  • While there are a number of pre-defined promotion templates, the dynamic rule-engine based promotions module allows the user to create templates, with attributes of product, time, store, customer and tender and associate one or more benefits - a discount, Gift voucher, free product, points etc  Additional offers, exclusions, return policy, optional offers and other features ensure no manual intervention is required in even executing complex promotions.

  • The software enables automatic discount calculations and incorporates promotions into the POS system for accurate application during transactions. It facilitates monitoring of the performance of different promotions in terms of sales, customer engagement, and ROI.

Versatile Wondersoft POS Solutions for Diverse Industries

At Wondersoft, we take pride in our versatile POS solutions designed to cater to a wide range of industries. We don't limit ourselves to a single sector; instead, our adaptable solutions excel across various verticals. Whether your business operates in apparel, healthcare, or any other industry, our offerings can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Our unwavering commitment to versatility and innovation ensures that businesses of all kinds can thrive. With eShopaid, you'll discover solutions that transcend industry boundaries and empower your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your software support prescription management and compliance?
    Yes, our software includes prescription management features to ensure compliance and accurate dispensing.
  • Can I manage inventory and track expiry dates with your software?
    Yes, our software includes inventory management features, allowing you to track stocks in batches with expiry dates
  • How do you support customers?
    We offer comprehensive customer support, including phone, email, and chat support. We also provide detailed documentation and training resources to help you get the most out of our software.
  • Can the software be used in multiple locations?
    Yes, our point of sale software can be used in multiple locations, allowing you to manage your business from a central dashboard. You can also set up custom permissions and access levels for each location.
  • Can the software be used on mobile devices?
    Our point of sale software is designed to work on a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This allows you manage transactions on the go.

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