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Streamline Your Home Décor Store Operations with Our Home Décor POS Software

Our Home Décor POS Software facilitates

  • Flexible selling using multiple sale units of measurement

  • Quotation-based billing for tailored customer interactions

  • Salesman commission tracking

  • Omnichannel experience, and many more

Choose from an Array of Tailored Features to Elevate Your Success!

Fast & Secure

User-Friendly Interface

Single & Multi-Store

Cloud & On-Prem

Flexible Integration

Robust and Reliable

Discover our Home Decor POS now!

Transform your business with sophisticated software solutions

Leaning entirely on conventional software might just satisfy your minimal requirements. Reach out to us for a transformative leap in your business.

Quick Transactions

Enjoy the intuitive touchscreen for effortless navigation and quick transactions.

Return & Exchange

Easily process Returns and Exchanges with proper inventory adjustments.


Manage your business from anywhere with our mobile POS.

Multiple Location

Manage multiple locations from a centralized hub, optimizing operations and productivity!

Enhance Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

warehouse management

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • The home decor retail management software allows customers to place orders in-store for items not immediately available and integrates such in-store orders with the WMS. This helps maintain the right balance of inventory between store and warehouse locations.

  • The inventory at the warehouse can be reserved against an in-store from a store and is despatched to the destination directly. Products are stored in Row, Rack, Shelf combinations and with use of pick notes, pick wave and other associated modules, it makes operations at the warehouse simple and efficient.

quotation billing

Quotation-based billing

  • The software enables users to create quotations for customers, assigning a validity period to it.  The software employs an approval workflow for quotations that require management or sales team approval before being sent to customers.

  • The software facilitates easy conversion of approved quotations into actual orders with a single click and sends out quotations to customers via email or prints them for in-person discussions.

multiple sale

Multiple Sale UOM

  • The software provides conversion ratios between different units of measure for each product and configures products to be available for sale in multiple UOMs. It allows users to select their preferred unit of measure when purchasing products.

  • The software defines pricing for each product in different UOMs and manages inventory levels for each UOM, factoring in conversions.

price and margin control

Pricing and Margin Controls

  • The software provides multiple pricing modules, where product prices can be set, reviewed, and adjusted, and facilitates implementation of various pricing strategies.

  • Other than product level pricing, it is possible to ensure a minimum margin in every invoice. The software will block a user from giving excessive discounts to ensure margins are intact.

  • The system also allows setting up of discounts, promotions, and special offers for specific products or customer groups.

salesman commission

Salesman Commission

  • The software helps define commission structures based on factors such as sales amount, product category, or sales targets and tracks sales made by individual salespeople, associating them with the appropriate transactions.

  • The software enables automation of commission calculations based on predefined commission rules.

  • Commission statements and reports are generated for each salesperson's earnings after factoring in deductions or adjustments that may affect commissions, such as returns or cancellations.



  • The software creates a variety of promotions and generates unique promo codes for customers to use during online purchases or in-store visits. It allows customizing the start and end dates for promotions to run during specific time frames. The software enables sending promotional messages through different channels to inform customers about ongoing offers. Smooth integration with the POS system ensures accurate application of promotions during transactions.

  • The software helps gain insights into the performance of promotions, including sales uplift, customer engagement, and redemption rates.

Versatile Wondersoft POS Solutions for Diverse Industries

At Wondersoft, we take pride in our versatile POS solutions designed to cater to a wide range of industries. We don't limit ourselves to a single sector; instead, our adaptable solutions excel across various verticals. Whether your business operates in apparel, healthcare, or any other industry, our offerings can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Our unwavering commitment to versatility and innovation ensures that businesses of all kinds can thrive. With eShopaid, you'll discover solutions that transcend industry boundaries and empower your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your software support prescription management and compliance?
    Yes, our software includes prescription management features to ensure compliance and accurate dispensing.
  • Can I manage inventory and track expiry dates with your software?
    Yes, our software includes inventory management features, allowing you to track stocks in batches with expiry dates
  • How do you support customers?
    We offer comprehensive customer support, including phone, email, and chat support. We also provide detailed documentation and training resources to help you get the most out of our software.
  • Can the software be used in multiple locations?
    Yes, our point of sale software can be used in multiple locations, allowing you to manage your business from a central dashboard. You can also set up custom permissions and access levels for each location.
  • Can the software be used on mobile devices?
    Our point of sale software is designed to work on a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This allows you manage transactions on the go.

Our Happy Clients

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