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Configurable workflow for Sales orders

Updated: Apr 14

Configurable workflow for Sales orders across different Channels

We are in the era of ever-changing commerce operations with multiple commerce channels. Product Range and price are not the only factors for buying decisions of the consumers. To gain a competitive advantage, it’s crucial to deliver quickly which is another customer expectation.

We know that Order processing workflow starts from Order receiving till delivering it to the consumer. Meeting the two ends, could be achieved using different workflow processes that are unique to each channel.

Having an updated view of the current stock, billing products easily and accurately, can have a greater impact on the retailer’s success in serving consumers from multiple channels. This success leads to increase in sales revenue.

With eShopaid configurable Channel Order processing workflow, Retailers can offer the consumers, a journey that stands out with personalized engagement and fully integrated omnichannel experience. Here are a few cases.

Online – Without OMS: A Virtual Store would be available to service the ecommerce orders. The orders are fulfilled based on Stock availability, Store priority & Closer proximity.

Offline – Without OMS: The store would receive the orders through a mobile app. The orders are fulfilled after picking and packing.

With OMS: The order is generated and allocated to a store by OMS, eShopaid pulls the orders and store users accepts/rejects them. For all the accepted orders, eShopaid shall share the accept status, the Package details, the invoice and receives a shipping label from OMS. Once the orders are shipped, eShopaid shall share the shipped status and receives the delivery confirmation from OMS.

Why Wondersoft?

Configurable Channel Order processing workflow.

eShopaid POS provides store employees with various capabilities to ensure that they can view their store’s on-hand inventory for a given item and view inventory levels in warehouse or nearby buddy store locations.

Store employees can request restocks for low or out-of-stock inventory through the creation of transfer order requests.

Store employees can also initiate outbound transfer orders to ship back overstock or damaged items to a distribution centre or perhaps ship overstock to another store location that needs it.

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