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Transform Your Retail Business with Clothes Barcode Scanners

Updated: Mar 17

What Is Meant By A Barcode Scanner And How To Use It With Your Apparel Software?

In simple words, a bar code is a sequence of lines of varying width printed on a sticker. Most of the barcodes look alike to a common man. But every line in a bar code is a representation of a character which only barcode scanners can understand. Upon scanning a bar code with a reader, the bars get converted into electric signals with the help of light sensors present in the device. The barcode reader deciphers the characters represented by the bars and conveys it to the computer.

A POS and inventory management software which supports the bar code facility is a must in your clothing store in order to utilize the barcode scanning facility in your clothing store. You also need a barcode scanner which is compatible with the POS software. All the products in your store need to be labelled with the bar code stickers so that they can be scanned at the checkout. A barcode printer might also be handy print labels for products without Universal Product Code (UPC)

Benefits Of Having Bar-Coded Inventory Merged With Your Pos System For Retail

The bar-coding technique is widely used all over the world in the clothing and apparel business. They are not just limited to the supermarkets, but also the online global market. The online marketing legends like Amazon, Flipkart, Wal-Mart, etc. use bar coding to track their product and deliveries. The following are some of the benefits which you can enjoy by having a barcode system in your clothing store.

  1. Easy and quick training for employees- Learning about how to use a barcode scanner for pricing and inventory managing purposes is very easy compared to the long hours required to comprehend the complex manual procedures. So, the training time for the employees can be considerably reduced.

  2. Chances for human errors are greatly reduced- Clothes and apparel business stores have very high chances for human errors owing to the nature of the products they are selling. A single product would be available in multiple sizes and other variations which makes the pricing, inventory management, etc. a bit complicated. The chances of human errors are also very high in this field. Having a barcode system removes the need for manually entering data thereby reducing human errors significantly.

  3. Designing and printing are cheap- Designing and printing of barcodes is not expensive and can be done within an affordable budget by most business owners.

  4. The versatility of barcodes makes information collection easy- The barcodes can be easily affixed to clothes and apparels. Attach multiple stickers on different part would avoid the risk of a sticker getting peeled off. As both pricing and inventory information can be conveyed via barcodes, they make information collection easy and quick.

  5. Better control of the inventory- Improper tracking of the inventory often leads to overheads in the apparel business. Barcodes allow precise tracking of the inventory.

  6. Best utilization of time- The checkout time is a very crucial factor in the success of a clothing business. No customer would prefer a long check out queues. A single barcode can be used to convey pricing as well as inventory information. According to the vendors of the best point of sale software, India, other valuable information can also be embedded in barcodes by rightly customizing the codes. So, in overall, they reduce the time required for check out, inventory management and other processes.

  7. Makes the decision-making process easy and efficient- With bar-code system implemented in your business, you get data quickly and accurately. When you have the right data in hand, decision making can be done easily and efficiently. This helps in saving time, efforts, and money.

Contact The Vendors Of The Best Apparel Management Software Now!

Those listed above are just some of the prominent benefits of using barcodes in your clothing or apparel store. There are further numerous creative ways in which barcodes can be utilised to upgrade your sales and business. If you do not have the barcode system implemented in your store yet, it is high time that you contact the right vendors and get it done! Clothing and apparel business is a highly competitive race, and it is your duty to make sure that you stay on par with your competitors.

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