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Maximize Efficiency with our Point of Sale Software for Multi-Store Operations

Having the right software for managing multiple stores is essential in the retail industry. It streamlines operations and improves customer engagement, guaranteeing consistent experiences across all locations. Choose Wondersoft to drive your business towards success.

Wondersoft: A Leader in POS for Multi-Store Retail Across Diverse Verticals

Wondersoft POS offers Point of Sales solutions for diverse verticals, from pharmacies and supermarkets to salons and speciality retail. Elevate your retail operations with our specialized software solutions.












Retail POS: Loyalty, Feedback, Online Integration, & Analytics for Smart Choices

  • Consistent shopping experience across all channels

  • Accurate, real-time tracking of inventory levels across all channels and locations

  • Central repository for customer, sales, and inventory data facilitating streamlined operations

  • Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) and other flexible fulfillment options

  • Implement built-in loyalty program to reward repeat customers.

  • Collect customer feedback and reviews for continuous improvement.

  • Connect with online stores for seamless customer experience!

  • Advanced reporting and analytics to drive informed decision-making for better business strategies.

POS Deployment Options: Online Cloud, Thin Offline

In today's evolving business landscape, choosing the right POS for Multi-Store Retail is crucial. Our system offers flexible deployment options to align with your business needs, whether it's our Online Cloud or Thin Offline setup.

What sets us apart is that we provide the same intuitive interface and robust functionality across both deployment models, guaranteeing a seamless and consistent user experience regardless of your choice.

ERP Integration  with Wondersoft POS

POS & ERP: Seamless integrations with ERPs of various Tiers

We understand the critical role that ERP and POS systems play in streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions. With this in mind, our cutting-edge technology offers a seamless integration between these two powerful systems, unlocking a new realm of possibilities for businesses of all sizes and sectors.


In some cases, we provide standard connectors for easy integration. While for others, we offer open APIs that can be readily utilized.

Enhancing Retail Excellence Through Integrations

In the retail landscape, the integration of various components is vital. Our integrations enable Multi Store Retailers to centralize their operations, synchronize inventory, and deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels.


  • Easy redemption of gift vouchers and cards.

  • Smooth payment processing with real-time updates to inventory and customer data.

  • CRM integration for personalized customer interactions optimizing customer relationships.

Wondersoft POS Integration

What is the ONDC network?

Increase your customer base by marking your presence in online business with minimal investment.

Grab the opportunity to be a part of ONDC Network through Wondersoft's seller App.

ONDC is an innovative initiative of Government of India, which provides opportunity to accelerate your growth regardless of the business you are in. Wondersoft will bring you on board with simple registration. You may then start listing your products that would be visible across multiple apps. Acquire new customers and take your business to new heights.

Charath Narasimhan
CEO, Indian Terrain

I must say that, it's been a very good experience so far. we have simple requirements like, it should be easy to use, it should have lot of functionalities.


From cost perspective, functionality perspective, ease of operations, eShopaid is really a top class product.

Vijay Shanker
CEO, NewU, A Dabur Enterprise

Our technical team went through the entire product, and looked at its integration capabilities with our ERP at the backend.


We were looking at a robust promotion engine, which is demanded by our customers. The Wondersoft Team has been very very disciplined and professional in their approach.

Our Happy Clients