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What is ONDC?

​ONDC stands for Open Network for Digital Commerce. Is a new initiative by the Government of India aiming to make online shopping fair and accessible for everyone.
The idea is to open up the digital market so that small shop owners and big businesses can have equal chances to sell their goods online.

How Does ONDC Work?

ONDC connects different online shopping platforms together. It means if you are selling something, you can list your product once, and it will show up on many platforms. It works through a common system that makes buying and selling easier for everyone involved – from the shop owner to the customer, including delivery and payment services.

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How to Start Selling on ONDC?

Register first: Sign up with Wondersoft Seller App that's part of ONDC by giving your business details.

List your products: Add details about what you are selling, including prices and descriptions.

Handle orders: Use the dashboard to keep track of orders coming from different places.


Delivery and payment: Take care of order fulfilment and settlement happens automatically.

Why Join ONDC?

More visibility: Your products can be seen by more people across various platforms, not just one.

Lower costs: You save money because you are not dependent on one big platform that charges a lot.

Equal opportunities: Small businesses get to compete on the same level as big retailers.

Innovation and Growth: You can offer new and unique items that meet the changing needs of customers.

Government support: Being backed by the government, ONDC promises a stable and reliable environment for online selling.

In short, ONDC is changing how we do online shopping in India. By joining ONDC, sellers can grow their business, reduce costs, compete with big brands, and be part of a more inclusive and innovative online market.

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