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Wondersoft POS Connector for Marketplaces

Updated: Apr 14

POS Software for Market Places

Marketplace – Online-to-Offline Today’s customers from around the world can buy any product online or on any channel. Online shopping has witnessed great success. It saves time, money and it is way insightful. The retail business has adopted true OMNI experience as a retail strategy, an approach to sales and marketing that provides customers with a fully-integrated shopping experience by uniting user experiences from online, offline, and everything in between. The retail ecosystem combined with the comfort of being at home, getting all customer choices delivered to the doorstep, and frequent online seasonal sales have turned the tables for the marketplace sector quite significantly. Manual Process Challenges If the retail marketplace and other digital ordering processes are not integrated with physical stores, it leads to –

  • Inaccurate product, price information

  • Incorrect inventory resulting in overselling or opportunity losses

  • Demanding more resources for order processing resulting in operating cost

  • Delay in fulfilment and delivery

  • Incomplete customer information

  • The customer experience at stake

How to overcome Retailers prefer to have fully integrated systems with real-time product, inventory, pricing, order and return information available for order processing and provide a seamless customer experience.

Very importantly, as demand keeps on increasing the need for additional staff to handle transactions, is minimized by having tight integration with the offline solution.

  1. Deep marketplace integration with the offline system allows to operate more efficiently and excites the customers with reduced cost.

  2. Exchange of real-time information like catalog, price, customers, inventory, and customer orders between the marketplace and offline system results in accurate and best customer service.

  3. The seamless flow of data exchange between the systems enables to serve the customers at their best.

Wondersoft POS connector for Marketplaces Wondersoft POS connector enables deep integration with TatacliQ, Amazon, etc., to handle end to end marketplace processes with the following touchpoints.
  • Product, Price and Inventory sync

  • Marketplace Order Process – Customer Forward Journey Pull Orders

  • Order processing in POS

  • Order accept / Reject

  • Create Package

  • Invoice Creation

  • Shipping Label Generation

  • Manifest Generation/Print

  • Order Cancel

Business Benefits: Wondersoft’s integration allows you to perform all the operations that you do with the marketplace. Enables unified inventory for Online and Offline.
  • Automate product updates along with the price.

  • Offer the best customer experience by giving “Buy online. Pick up in-store / delivery at home.”

  • Automate nearby store’s inventory lookup for quick delivery.

  • Reduce time of fulfilment processes.

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