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Seller Network Participant Disclosure

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Seller Network Participant Disclosure for Wondersoft Private Limited

ONDC Participation: We, at Wondersoft, take pride in being a Seller Network Participant within the ONDC ecosystem. ONDC is a groundbreaking initiative by the Government of India, focused on creating an open, collaborative, and interoperable digital commerce ecosystem.


Key ONDC Network Participants: The ONDC ecosystem comprises diverse stakeholders who work together to ensure equitable and efficient digital commerce transactions. Key participants include:


Buyer App: Central to the ONDC ecosystem is the Buyer App, which empowers consumers to explore products and services, make purchases, and enjoy a seamless and secure shopping experience.


Seller App: Wondersoft, as a Seller Network Participant, provides the Seller App, which enables merchants and businesses to list their products, manage inventory, process orders, and interact with customers transparently within the ONDC ecosystem.


Logistics Partner: Logistics partners are crucial in ensuring the prompt and reliable delivery of products ordered through the ONDC platform, contributing to a level playing field for all Buyer Apps.

Transparency and Equal Treatment

Wondersoft is firmly committed to the principles of transparency and equal treatment for all Buyer Apps within the ONDC network. We adhere to the following principles:


Open Access: We ensure that all Buyer Apps have equal access to our platform, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with Wondersoft, promoting fair competition.


Data Neutrality: We treat all Buyer Apps equally in terms of data access and processing, with no preferential treatment or discrimination.


Fair Algorithms: Our algorithms are designed to provide fair and unbiased recommendations to all Buyer Apps, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

Transaction terms

Wondersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd does not offer preferential transaction terms or exclusive criteria to any specific buyer app. We firmly believe in treating all Buyer Apps equitably, fostering an environment of trust and fairness.

Privacy and Data Protection

Protecting the privacy and data of our users is paramount to us. We rigorously comply with data protection regulations, providing a secure environment for users within the ONDC ecosystem.


Thank you for choosing Wondersoft as your Seller platform. We are dedicated to fostering transparency and equality within the ONDC ecosystem and look forward to contributing to the advancement of digital commerce in India.

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