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Wondersoft Gift Hamper Management!! Outstanding Customer Experience!!!

Updated: Mar 17

Don’t let your customers get disappointed when the store is running out of stock of freebies. Instead, handle the scenario with Wondersoft’s Token management and make them “Happy Customers”.

Develop the trust by giving them a gift hamper token. Remind them when the gift is available and let them collect from their convenient store. The token could equally create the feeling of having received a gift!

Wondersoft’s Gift Hamper management lets the cashier process the token if the gift is out of stock. It would give an outstanding customer experience by allowing him/her to choose a convenient pickup location. The customer would be handed over a token which has the details like date of purchase, gift detail, pickup location etc.,

As a retailer, you would be delighted to know that it’s capable of doing a bit “extra” by contacting the inventory system to raise the order for out of stock gift items.A great customer experience increases the loyalty.

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