The Rule that every Retailer must follow!

Never miss a deal which is on the verge of closing. Help the customers to “Add it to Cart”.

Let’s think of an instance of a customer walking into a store to purchase an electronic good. It’s well aware that many of the current day shoppers make the necessary footwork before purchasing a product. They are well informed about the product price and features.

The better way to deal with such kind of customers is to offer them a better deal in terms of price or give them the knowledge that is uncovered in their research or better warranty or a longer customer support etc.,

Giving in additional discount could be managed by bringing in ‘discount budget’ for a store. A discount budget is a fixed amount allocated to offer discounts. The retailer could offer the discount within the available budget. The budget could be allocated at the store level and product level or brand level etc.,

In exceptional cases, the retailer could also offer the discount, beyond the available budget, this is called ‘discount override’ and a manager is authorized to approve the same. Wondersoft’s ‘discount override’ feature lets the retailer choose the desired manager’s name for approval.

This budgeted discounts could be used not only in specialty stores like electronics or lifestyle & fashion but also in any type of retail like hypermarkets, departmental stores, pharmacies etc.,

Wondersoft’s Budgeted discount feature will never let any retailer to miss their deals

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