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Streamline your store with best pharmacy billing software

Updated: Mar 17

With advances in science and technology, the pharmaceutical business has grown tremendously. All drug stores must update their pharmacy management system to effectively handle and distribute medicines. Dealers have to replenish inventory, order medicines and discard drugs that have expired.

All pharmacy dealers have a choice: spend money into archaic IT systems or invest in technology that will support your business and lets you grow. As a pharmacist, you have to give advice and provide fast and efficient service to your customers. If your drug store fails to meet these expectations due to lack of adequate software or a management system, you will be taken over by other chemists with the latest technology.

Pharmacy management software to stay ahead in the race

The best pharmacy billing software offers you benefits like:

  1. Order Management

  2. Email or SMS Integration

  3. POS Operation

  4. Drill Down Reporting

  5. Sales & Billing

You should look for other features like:

Security– Based on the permission setup, you can control who gains access to the data and POS transactions. You can look for additional login or the use of a digital seal or signature to sell certain drugs. A group of users can be denied or permitted access based on the needs.

Handle customer details– Like two peas in a pod, no two customers are alike. You might come across few individuals with an insurance scheme, while the others may prefer to pay instantly. Your billing software should be able to calculate the total amount after deducting discounts. It would be an added advantage if the software can bill the invoice directly to the insurance company.

Integrated system– Your pharmacy software should provide you with an integrated solution to keep your business running smoothly. You should be able to check the orders that are ready at Point of Sale and appropriate labels with dosage and warning text should be printed.

Loyalty Offers and Promotions– For pharmacies that have a huge client base, offering loyalty solution is an innovative way to connect with your customers. Your software should be able to come up with coupons and incentives to attract existing and new customers. The offers must sound genuine, and must not go against the medical law.

Financial Accounting– You have to manage the outflow of cash in a proper manner. If you find that a particular product is not fast-selling, your software should keep a record of the same. Next time when you order inventory, you know which are the medications or drugs to avoid.

Optimise your stock– With a good pharmacy software, you should spend your time attending to customers rather than being involved in product maintenance. With a smart ordering system, you can improve accuracy and boost your sales with help from the inventory management option. It is usually integrated with the medicine suppliers, so there is no confusion for both the parties involved.

Order Your Retail POS Software In Chennai

With a bit of research, you can find the latest medical billing software that suits your needs. Switch to a smart way of business and you will never have to look back.

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