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Run hassle free automated employee discount program

Updated: Mar 17

Each one of us loves to get a discount on products and services while shopping. 

We know there are many benefits like medical benefits, life insurance etc that companies generally shower. But employee can use these benefits only when in need. Also these benefits seem to be inevitable rights.

Employee discount program does the magic of allowing the employees to go for an exclusive discount that are not available for the customers. The best part is, the discounts are budgeted to them that can be used for family, friends & relatives etc. They can recognize that they can save money which is the underlying fact that employees will appreciate this particular benefit.

Yes, eShopaid enables to run such interesting employee discount programs that make your employee feel special. Here we go…

Identify Employees  ->  Have every employee defined under an employee discount program with a discount budget or multiple discount budgets on MRP value / Net Sales Value / Discount Amount / Quantity / Number of bills.

Allocate Budget  ->  Against each employee allocate budget based on their grade/ department/ individual performance etc… Define Offer  ->  Discount offers are to be defined for the employees against the budget allocated. The discount offers can vary by product, services, brands, categories, store types etc.. e.g., Retailer dealing with bags and luggage, wishes to run an employee benefit program where all employees will have a benefit to

  1. Buy two quantities of any SKUs — [ Budget on Quantity ]

  2. Only in Luggage category — [ On Product Category]

  3. Entitled to get 40% off on MRP — [ Offer ]

  4. Can avail within a year. — [ Time Limit ]

  5. Offer available only when shopped at COCO stores — [ Store Type ]

For retailer in Clothing and Apparel segment, discount budget can be on Total sale value. While for Supermarket it could be on discounted value. In case of food and beverages, it can be limited to health care products only.

Now, Ready set for the employee to enjoy the employee discount program at POS subject to the discount budget balance available. In case of multiple budgets available for the employee, provision to choose the favorite budget is available at POS with OTP approval.

During End of Seasonal Sales when Retailer showers with regular discounts, eShopaid POS allows employee enjoys the freedom to be billed as customer having the budget balance intact.

Employer too enjoys the hassle free automated management of employee discount program.

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