Streamline Your Pharmacy Operations with our Pharmacy Billing Software

Cloud based Pharmacy Billing Software

Introducing Wondersoft Pharmacy Billing Software : Our system offers you the best pharmacy software features, making it the top choice for modern pharmacies.

Explore the Wondersoft POS, the ultimate brand keyword in pharmacy software. Unlock a world of possibilities for your pharmacy or drugstore with our cutting-edge pharmacy ERP software.

Experience the Wondersoft advantage:

  1. Cloud-Based Pharmacy Software Embrace the future with our cloud-based pharmacy billing software, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

  2. Advanced Reporting and Analytics Harness the power of advanced reporting and analytics tools to craft winning strategies for your pharmacy business management.

  3. Streamlined Branch Management Effortlessly manage all your pharmacy branches from a centralized hub, optimizing operations for maximum efficiency.

  4. Diverse Payment Handling Wondersoft POS empowers you to seamlessly handle various payment methods, enhancing customer convenience.

  5. Comprehensive Prescription Reports Gain insights with detailed prescription reports, allowing you to identify high-demand products and cater to your customers’ needs effectively.


Retail Pharmacy Software with Pharmacy Billing


Prescription Reminder

  • Timely medicine reorder reminders for pharmacies & customers
  • Automated SMS notifications for timely purchases
  • Records and manages customer medication information
  • Generates regular reports for pharmacies
  • Avoid missed sales and overlooked medicines
  • Benefits both pharmacies and customers

Dosage Labels

  • Avoid worrying about Doctors’ handwriting
  • Understand Prescriptions easily
  • Prepopulated options for timing and dosage
  • Easy-to-understand dosage labels
  • Clear instructions for patients
  • Eliminates confusion and errors

Order Management

  • Streamlined inventory management.
  • Prevent stock outs with automated reordering
  • Automated order generation based on sales data
  • Choose the best suppliers to maximize your profitability.
  • Tailor your purchase orders to fit your business needs

Insurance Management

  • Hospital-attached Pharmacy Point of Sale
  • Streamlined Pharmacy Billing for in-patients
  • Intelligent product master for insurance coverage
  • Simplified billing process for insured and non-insured items

Batch & Expiry Management

  • Set and monitor products with expiry date
  • Move products automatically to short expiry location
  • Customize billing for near expiry products
  • Automated Supplier Returns for Near-Expiry.
  • Display marquee for expired medicines/drugs

Drug Combination & Substitutes

  • Provision to display Equivalent Drugs
  • Maintain manufacturing details of drugs and their equivalents
  • Enrolled stores can download drug equivalents list online
  • Display available drug substitutes on demand

Add-on solutions

User Interface

Our clients using Wondersoft Pharmacy Billing Software

Wondersoft Retail POS - Request Demo

Wondersoft Apparel POS

Apparel POS

Apart from Sales ,We also support Alternations, Defective Stock , Returns, Customer Relations and many more.

Wondersoft Electrical POS

Electrical & Electronics POS

Stay ahead of your peers with our POS that is capable of tracking Serial Numbers, Managing Discount Budget.

Salon Spa - Wondersoft POS

Salon and Spa POS

Salon Industry one that needs extensive planning. Starting from Regular appointments to sitting packages, our products take care of all the needs.

Food and Beverage POS

Food & Beverage POS

Our distinctive touch screen POS which is mobile compatible, supports the important features which any modern restaurant or Fast Food Center needs.

Life Style and Fashion POS

Lifestyle POS

To suit to your varied businesses, Apart from the POS Related activities,we are equipped with conditional promotions, loss prevention and many more.

Supermarket Grocery POS

Supermarket POS Software

Upgrade your supermarket with our best-in-class POS software. Achieve full business control and industry-standard compliance with Wondersoft.

Pharmacy Billing POS

Pharmacy Billing Software

Wondersoft's cutting-edge Pharmacy Billing Software streamlines sales, keeps track of batches, notifies you when drugs are about to expire, and more.

Specialty Retail POS

Specialized Retail POS

Enjoy the flexibility of picking up the software that suits your specialty whether it's a book store or furniture store or anything.

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