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In the risk-prone Pharmacies, the well-being of individuals on life-saving medicines is of utmost importance. Our pharmacy management software ensures adherence to standard rules. With features like batch tracking, block billing and expiry alerts, we guarantee safe medication sales.

Our web-based software enables efficient return management of expired medicines. Plus, find equivalent products if a brand is unavailable. With a robust data backup system, complete medicine list, real-time report recording, dynamic POS billing, account management, barcode verification, stock management and expiry/damage tracking, we provide a comprehensive solution for pharmacies.

Wondersoft, a pioneer in retail POS software, offers an efficient pharmacy billing software that supports ideal management of drugs with ease.

Wondersoft offers the pharmacy software to independent outlets through Shopaid and to large retail chains through eShopaid.



Retail Pharmacy Software with Pharmacy Billing


Prescription Reminder

Say goodbye to missed sales and overlooked medicines! Introducing our innovative pharmacy management system!

We understand the importance of timely medicine reorder reminders for both pharmacies & their customers. Our POS captures essential information about the customer’s medication allowing us to set up timely reminders for their next refill or follow-up. Our system records these details and generates regular reports, ensuring pharmacies never miss a beat. With automated SMS notifications, customers can make timely purchases without running out of vital medications.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing solution that benefits both pharmacies and customers alike.


Dosage Labels

Eliminate the need for your customers to decipher the doctor’s handwriting with our Pharmacy POS system!

While billing products, our innovative solution seamlessly converts the medication details into easy-to-understand dosage labels. With prepopulated options like morning or afternoon dosages, before or after food dosages, you can print the labels for the customers with clear instructions. No more confusion or errors – our system ensures clarity and accuracy.

Simplify prescription comprehension with our Pharmacy POS system


Order Management

Streamline your order management with our comprehensive solution.

Configure the system to automatically set the minimum quantity thresholds based on the past historic sales data. You could also set the same manually. Watch as our system generates purchase orders based on these thresholds, saving your valuable time and effort.

Our system automatically selects suppliers who offer the most favorable margins, empowering you to maximize your profitability effortlessly.

You have the flexibility to customizes the purchase order before processing by editing the products or supplier etc.,

Automate your inventory management with our Order Management feature. Never run out of stock again!


Insurance Management

Streamline Pharmacy Billing for in-Patients with our Hospital-Attached Pharmacy POS

Manage insurance coverage for your products with our intelligent product master feature. For the Indian market, during billing, when insured and non-insured products are added together, two distinct bills are automatically generated – one for insured and another for non-insured products. Patients pay only for the bill with non-insured products.

When making insurance claims, the process is simplified by sharing only the bills for insured products with the insurance company. This streamlined approach saves time and effort, making the claim and settlement process smoother and more efficient


Batch & Expiry Management

Effective Solution for Expiry Management

With our pharmacy billing software, you can define short expiry date, move products automatically to the short expiry location, customize whether to allow or not allow billing for short expiry, implement return automatically to the supplier, and display marquee for expired medicines/drugs.


Drug Combination & Substitutes

Provision to display Equivalent Drugs

The pharmacy management software provides every store the capacity to maintain manufacturing details of available medicines/drugs and their equivalent drugs. The enrolled medical stores can download the list of drug equivalents online. It also helps to display the available equivalent medicine/drug any time on demand.


Add-on solutions

User Interface

Our clients using Wondersoft Pharmacy Billing Software

Wondersoft Retail POS - Request Demo

Wondersoft Apparel POS

Apparel POS

Apart from Sales ,We also support Alternations, Defective Stock , Returns, Customer Relations and many more.

Wondersoft Electrical POS

Electrical & Electronics POS

Stay ahead of your peers with our POS that is capable of tracking Serial Numbers, Managing Discount Budget.

Salon Spa - Wondersoft POS

Salon and Spa POS

Salon Industry one that needs extensive planning. Starting from Regular appointments to sitting packages, our products take care of all the needs.

Food and Beverage POS

Food & Beverage POS

Our distinctive touch screen POS which is mobile compatible, supports the important features which any modern restaurant or Fast Food Center needs.

Life Style and Fashion POS

Lifestyle POS

To suit to your varied businesses, Apart from the POS Related activities,we are equipped with conditional promotions, loss prevention and many more.

Supermarket Grocery POS

Supermarket POS Software

Upgrade your supermarket with our best-in-class POS software. Achieve full business control and industry-standard compliance with Wondersoft.

Pharmacy Billing POS

Pharmacy Billing Software

Wondersoft's cutting-edge Pharmacy Billing Software streamlines sales, keeps track of batches, notifies you when drugs are about to expire, and more.

Specialty Retail POS

Specialized Retail POS

Enjoy the flexibility of picking up the software that suits your specialty whether it's a book store or furniture store or anything.

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