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Here’s why Wondersoft’s POS Software stand apart from the others!

Updated: Mar 27

Wondersoft’s POS Software - Retail Buiness

Every POS Software is quite capable of managing Sales, however, most of them fail when it comes to managing aftersales! The forgotten term in supply chain management is aftersales. The retailers, especially in automotive, electronics & watches, must understand that the shopping journey does not end with just the sale, but continues with services. “Sale is just a first step in increasing the sales and not the last”.

In Wondersoft’s POS Software - job card management, a customer would approach the store with the product that needs to be serviced, the cashier enters the necessary details and creates a service request. The rest of the service management flow as given below is taken care of magically!!

• Product being transferred to service center • Cost Estimation of the service by the center • Contacting the customer for service approval • Purchase of necessary items to fulfill the service • Delivering the serviced product • On time status updates to the customer

Job card management is an integrated solution to Wondersoft’s POS.Don’t let you sale success come to a halt, Let the revenue grow with Wondersoft’s job card management. Let your customers choose your products time and again with empowered service management.

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