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Best Salon & Spa POS Software

The salon management software from Wondersoft resolves everyday hassles handled by all Salon & Spa. It understands the needs of their clients about their specialty line and offers them a customized solution that reduces the paperwork to a greater extent. Though it uses high-end technology, the salon POS is simple to handle. The customized salon management software helps salons and spas to achieve the best ROI in their businesses.

Wondersoft offers the salon POS to independent outlets through ShopAid and to large retail chains through eShopAid.

Top Features of salon store POS Software


Appointment Management

The appointment management system in the salon POS helps for the best use of time and resources.

Based on the service requests, the salon management system identifies the number of slots automatically and generates customized slots. Based on the provider’s available slots, appointment booking can be done with the salon POS. The salon management system can identify skilled providers who can provide specific salon and spa related services.


Generating Services & Sitting Packages

The salon management system can mix and match the available services to create a package that suits customers.

With the salon POS from Wondersoft any number of services can be generated for service/sitting packages. The system supports pre-sales of the packages and allows customers to redeem them later. The POS records services not availed by the customers and displays details of savings incurred.


Inventory Consumption based on Bill of Material

The “Inventory consumption” option in the salon management software from Wondersoft generates automated alerts. This feature enables automatic deduction of inventory based on the availed services while billing, manually edit the auto populated data, and receive alerts when the inventory stock reaches minimum level.


Add-on solutions

User Interface

Our clients using Wondersoft Software for salon & spa

Wondersoft Retail POS - Request Demo

Wondersoft Apparel POS

Apparel POS

Apart from Sales ,We also support Alternations, Defective Stock , Returns, Customer Relations and many more.

Wondersoft Electrical POS

Electrical & Electronics POS

Stay ahead of your peers with our POS that is capable of tracking Serial Numbers, Managing Discount Budget.

Salon Spa - Wondersoft POS

Salon and Spa POS

Salon Industry one that needs extensive planning. Starting from Regular appointments to sitting packages, our products take care of all the needs.

Food and Beverage POS

Food & Beverage POS

Our distinctive touch screen POS which is mobile compatible, supports the important features which any modern restaurant or Fast Food Center needs.

Life Style and Fashion POS

Lifestyle POS

To suit to your varied businesses, Apart from the POS Related activities,we are equipped with conditional promotions, loss prevention and many more.

Supermarket Grocery POS

Supermarket POS Software

Upgrade your supermarket with our best-in-class POS software. Achieve full business control and industry-standard compliance with Wondersoft.

Pharmacy Billing POS

Pharmacy Billing Software

Wondersoft's cutting-edge Pharmacy Billing Software streamlines sales, keeps track of batches, notifies you when drugs are about to expire, and more.

Specialty Retail POS

Specialized Retail POS

Enjoy the flexibility of picking up the software that suits your specialty whether it's a book store or furniture store or anything.

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