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Sculpting Luxury - Elevate your services with our Bill of Material

Seek solutions that delve deep, not just those with abundant features. Rely on those who have truly immersed themselves. At Salon & Spa, depth surpasses breadth.

Payment Platform

Integrate diverse payment platforms to improve ease of payment processing.

Quick Transactions

Enjoy the intuitive touchscreen for effortless navigation and quick transactions.

Advance Reporting

Make informed decisions with advanced reporting and analytics for better business strategies.

Multiple Location

Manage multiple locations from a centralized hub to optimize operations.

Streamline operations and enhance customer experience

family members

Salon & Spa Client Family Records

  • At the first visit of customers, their personal details are entered into Wondersoft Salon & Spa Software along with those of their family members who are likely to use salon services. This helps offer personalized care based on past service history.

  • The software helps enhance customer experience by creating specialized family packages and offering group discounts. Points accumulation by linking with loyalty programs encourages repeat visits.

job card management

Salon & Spa Membership Management

  • Our POS system lets stores easily offer subscription plans for products and services. This makes shopping more convenient for customers. They can prepay and use the service regularly during the subscription period.

  • Special discounts are available for subscribed customers.

  • The system keeps track of subscription balances and alerts customers if they're running low. Customers can also have more than one subscription at a time.

  • This helps stores build better relationships with customers and ensures a steady income.

appointment scheduling

Salon & Spa Appointments

  • Wondersoft Salon & Spa Software maintains a centralized schedule of the availability of each stylist, the duration of each service, and the time slots available. This helps in scheduling appointments for customers according to their convenience.

  • The software enables accommodating both walk-in and scheduled appointments with ease. Multiple services can be scheduled for the same customer, factoring in the total duration, and adjusting slot availability accordingly. The POS software allows customers to reschedule their appointments within a specific timeframe.

employee service mapping

Employee Vs Service Mapping

  • Wondersoft Salon & Spa software creates a profile for each staff member with their skill sets, specialities, and working hours and maps them against the services they are good at. The software accounts for their shifts and rotations to confirm their real-time availability.

  • The POS software prioritizes bookings based on the skills of staff for both walk-in and scheduled customers to ensure customer satisfaction. It facilitates customers to record their feedback and rating for the services rendered by specific staff members.

sitting package

Sitting Packages

  • The software creates various sitting packages combining different services at discounted prices for each sitting, encouraging customers to choose packages over individual services.

  • The software provides details of each sitting package, flexibility to customize certain elements of the package, and choice of a convenient date and time for each service. It indicates a validity period within which all the services in the package must be availed.

bill of material

Bill of Material (BoM)

  • The BoM feature maps each service with the relevant products and materials required and checks their availability against the salon’s product catalogue.

  • When a customer books a service, the software automatically includes the necessary products in the transaction while calculating the total cost for each service, helping with pricing decisions and cost analysis.

  • The software checks the inventory for the products listed in the BOM and sends out alerts for any items that are out of stock to enable restocking.

Versatile Wondersoft POS Solutions for Diverse Industries

At Wondersoft, we take pride in our versatile POS solutions designed to cater to a wide range of industries. We don't limit ourselves to a single sector; instead, our adaptable solutions excel across various verticals. Whether your business operates in apparel, healthcare, or any other industry, our offerings can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Our unwavering commitment to versatility and innovation ensures that businesses of all kinds can thrive. With eShopaid, you'll discover solutions that transcend industry boundaries and empower your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your software support prescription management and compliance?
    Yes, our software includes prescription management features to ensure compliance and accurate dispensing.
  • Can I manage inventory and track expiry dates with your software?
    Yes, our software includes inventory management features, allowing you to track stocks in batches with expiry dates
  • How do you support customers?
    We offer comprehensive customer support, including phone, email, and chat support. We also provide detailed documentation and training resources to help you get the most out of our software.
  • Can the software be used in multiple locations?
    Yes, our point of sale software can be used in multiple locations, allowing you to manage your business from a central dashboard. You can also set up custom permissions and access levels for each location.
  • Can the software be used on mobile devices?
    Our point of sale software is designed to work on a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This allows you manage transactions on the go.

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