Flexible and Customizable Promotion Engine for Retailers

Create Personalized Promotions with a Rule-Based Engine

Promotion in Retail sector acts as a motivating factor for consumers to buy and it’s an important tool for their decision-making in buying a product. Consumers expect promotional offers with various parameters like Quantity / Product concession, Price Discount, Ads promotions through email, online / mobile coupons, Shipping promotions etc.., Our Promotion Engine has a combination of various elements of promotion mix to achieve promotional and business objectives.

Sample Promotions for Retailers Using POS Software

Boost Sales with a Win-Win Multi Buy Promotion Engine
Clear Inventory and Drive Sales with a Mark Down Offer
Double the Joy Gift Vouchers: Now with Promotion Engine Capabilities"
Lower Your Bills and Increase Savings with Magical Bill Buster
Bridge the Gap to More Sales with a Powerful Promo Engine
VIP Special Discounts: Boost Loyalty with Promo Engine
Celebrate Birthdays with Big Savings and Promo Engine
Boost Sales with an Instant Addition Offer and a Dynamic Promo Engine
Drive Sales with a Unique Offer and Powerful Promo Engine
Maximize Sales with Personalized Promo Codes
Wondersoft Promotion Engine

Maximize Your Sales with Powerful Promotion Functionalities in Wondersoft Retail POS

  • WS Promotion Engine is an advanced, highly configurable rules-based solution. It is capable of capturing the promotional offer criteria and benefit as offer template to provide a quick and easy way to create many common offer types, such as BOGO, Multi Buy, Happy Hours, Special Day, etc.
  • Business can create promotional offers based on offer template ahead of time and schedule to auto trigger by selecting specific start and end dates.
  • Can even schedule offers to run during specific day of the week , hour by hour time frames, giving the ability to run true limited time offers at times chosen by business.
  • Prioritize offers to help resolve conflicts when there are multiple offers that can be applied concurrently. Can up-sell, pass Additional benefit or exclude specific products, categories, brands etc.
  • Even exclude offers to avoid unintended synergy among active Offers. Active promotional offers are always available even when off-line!.

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