OmniChannel POS Management System – Making It Simple

OmniChannel, the buzz word that is popular not only in the retail market but also in healthcare, banking, telecommunication, etc. is primarily a business model that is adopted by the various businesses to improve their customer experience.

Omni means “ALL” So one could easily guess OmniChannel is the ability to purchase through all/many channels. In fact, not only ‘purchase’ but also letting the customer do whatever they need to do throughout their shopping journey that can be through all/many channels.

What is the difference between OmniChannel & Multi-Channel?
OmniChannel is an integrated Multi-Channel where all the channels work together to provide a consistent experience to the customer.

When we look into the use of a POS system for a retail market, the main channels that are being used are Physical Stores, Online Stores, Call Centers, Mail Orders, etc. However, online stores could also have different platforms like desktops, laptops & mobile devices.

With many channels being available, consumers do not have to be loyal to a single brand/store. OmniChannel brings all channels to focus on a single goal, each channel playing their significant role. For example, many shoppers switch from the websites to tablets to a smartphone while researching to complete a purchase. When customers are signed in, the capability of saving their shopping cart will enable them to continue from where they left off on any device.

OmniChannel gives a better experience of the products to the consumers by displaying:

  • Product images
  • Reviews provided by other customers who purchased the product
  • Comparison of the product with other similar products
  • Testimonials of the stakeholders
  • Support videos

All these contribute in tempting the customer to buy the product.

The presence in social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc., in addition to other websites and mobile apps often transform a shopper to a buyer!

Most of us must have experienced that the items that we recently searched in an online store suddenly appear with a ‘buy’ button, while we try to watch a video or book some travel tickets.OmniChannel can provide a consistent experience while shopping across different channels.

1. Consistency concerning to the store layout – The design of the website matching with the mobile app and is also in sync with the physical store.
2. Consistency regarding customer’s status.The capability of saving the shopping cart across all channels.
3. Allowing research through a channel and purchase through another.
4. The possibility of pausing the shopping in a channel and continue it through another.
5. Complete the purchase through a channel and receive through another.

As a retailer, if you aim to give a consistent and seamless experience to your customers, OmniChannel is one of the latest trends that one should consider to look for while purchasing any POS. However, it’s imperative as a retailer to determine the tasks that customer performs throughout the shopping journey and to give the same experience to perform these tasks through any channel!

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