Mobile applications

Mobile devices in retail business is a Game Changer these days, businesses are moving towards mobile based billing software to curtail costs and most importantly improve customer experience. Wondersoft leverages its domain expertise with 20 years of market experience in providing the business critical functions on the mobile devices to make life easy for the stores and for the customers.

Mobile Applications Functionalities:

• Real time data can be monitored on your fingertips.
• Key performance indicators / exceptions using built-in reports can be checked anytime.
• Comparison of data over periods (Week / Month / Year) can be performed.
• Reports / own queries can be created by selecting our own multiple filters and date
• Reports about Products, Sales, Purchase, Stock, Accounts and Profit is available
in our Smart Boss.
• Many independent Retail outlets are using our smart boss and have benefitted with
readily available real time data of sales, stock etc..,

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