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The retail POS from Wondersoft offers the best cloud POS solutions for retail shop owners.

Retail management software from Wondersoft takes care of warehouse management, accounting and maintaining a secure environment.

The retail POS takes care of price revisions, barcode printing, stock movement, promotion schemes and all day-to-day activities of a retail store. It helps in handling both complex and simple tasks such as multi-location stock handling, invoice printing and helps in increasing profit at all levels.

Wondersoft offers the retail POS to independent outlets through ShopAid and to large retail chains through eShopAid.

Top Features


Preventing Monetary Loss

The retail POS from Wondersoft offers extra security and prevents monetary loss.

It equips the supervisor to view all logged POS terminal activities such as cash overflow, sales, returns, and cancellation etc. The retail software helps to handle shrinkage better by finding out its source.


Presenting Product Images

The user-friendly retail POS from Wondersoft displays images of the products for easy use. It displays selected products that is based on the customized configuration from the client. The images are displayed, without affecting the efficient performance of the retail POS, and helps the salesperson to ensure that correct products are billed.


Conditional Promotions

Fulfilling Wondersoft’s conditional promotion standards, the retail management software helps to maintain healthy profit margin for retailers. The retail POS has the option to exclude certain products from the promotional product list. It also has the option that allows the customer to avail the offer only once. The retail POS allows one-step authentication to avail the discount offer after tax deduction.

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