Go Dark and Save

What is a Dark Store?

Dark Store is a fulfilment center or a warehouse that is dedicated to serve only the online orders. It caters to various fulfillment model like BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup in Store), Curb Side Pickup, Home Delivery etc.,

Dark Stores are situated in locations that are densely populated, closer to a large group of customers and easily accessible for quicker delivery or pickup. Few of the Retailers opt to convert their underperforming Regular Stores to Dark Stores.

The concept of Dark Store has gained more popularity with the growing demand for online ordering.

Dark Store is a right choice if  

  • You have more sales from online channel
  • You want to instantly serve your customers with quicker delivery or pickup
  • You want to cut the cost on dedicated fulfillment centers.

To effectively run a Dark Store, you need to

  • Manage Inventory across the locations – The option to exchange inventory of every store with the ordering system.
  • Have a delivery management system for order shipping and fulfillment.
  • Cater to multiple channels for order fulfillment

eShopaid is a cloud-based application when deployed at your dark store as well as regular store, can exchange the real time inventory. It seamlessly integrates with Last-mile services like Shadow fax for Delivery. eShopaid supports dynamic workflow-based order processing to fulfill the needs of various channels.

So don’t worry about your underperforming stores, convert them to dark stores with some of these recommendations and save costs.

Go dark and Save!

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